Executive Leadership

Our team is driven by a shared vision and passion for ambitious projects, bringing together a diverse range of expertise and innovative thinking.

Meet our Team

We view the companies we support not only as members or clients but as extensions of our own, fully committing to their growth. Success isn’t just an expectation, it’s the only outcome we pursue!

Constance Bost

FACC Executive Director

Lea Catanzano

Director - Dallas

Aurore Ladeveze

Director - Austin & San Antonio

Audrey Martineau

Program Manager

Tristan Sakr

Business Development Manager

Jocelin Guillaume

Business Development Manager

United by a shared passion for excellence and innovation

Our team members bring diverse skills and backgrounds to the table, creating a rich tapestry of talent and creativity.

Innovative Thinkers

Our team consistently thinks outside the box, relentlessly pursuing new and improved methods to overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results.

Dedicated Professionals

Each team member is wholly committed to delivering the best possible experience for our members, with our versatility being a cornerstone of our agility.

Collaborative Spirits

We are firm believers in the power of collaboration. Our team collaborates effectively, drawing on each other’s strengths to attain shared objectives and to elevate our members and our organization.

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